Dr Hong Lu
Deputy Director


Dr Hong Lu has a PhD in ICT support teaching and training and has been a higher education language instructor & teacher trainer since 1988, both in the UK and China. She specialises in executive education relating to cross-cultural studies and cultural awareness training. As a teacher trainer, education consultant and course developer & designer, her work spans Chinese and British universities. She has presented her research papers at international TESOL conferences across China, as well as in New York, Vancouver and London. She is responsible for 26 projects annually and plays a leading role in managing executive education at CIBL.


A changing nation: the effects of globalisation on China

13 March 2018
How has globalisation affected China? The answer might be that while globalisation has boosted expansion and interaction within political, economic and cultural terms, it has also brought friction and conflict – which foreign businesses can help to assuage through understanding working practices in China.