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Recent global events have shown that the business world is now moving in a different direction. Nationalism and populism are gaining momentum. International trade is being affected by changes in trade deals, tax regulations and laws, and some businesses’ aspirations are shifting from globalisation to localisation.

Advances in technology are having a dramatic effect on the way we work and the way we live, altering the expectations of both consumers and workers. Artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of things and big data are infiltrating and embedding themselves within our businesses.

The political, financial and economic uncertainty will have a large and lasting effect on the middle market, and provide many businesses with unforeseen issues and challenges. However, at RSM these challenges translate to opportunities. Here, RSM’s expert contributors will offer their ideas and insight, proposing new perspectives as to how your business can not only survive these turbulent conditions, but thrive in them.


How to make corporate innovation really work

During the past few decades, the rules have been slowly changing in the business world. 

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Bringing risk-conscious tidings 

Risk awareness for all employees is vital for successful risk management and fraud prevention.

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Timing Disruption: The Stepping Stone Strategy 

There are times when everything changes in business – when this happens it is often sudden, surprising and sometimes overwhelming. 

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Giving globalisation meaning: re-emerging markets and the road to reglobalisation

Any globalisation definition should include more than just the ever-expanding technological advances in transport and communications.

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Four ways for business leaders to enable their workforce

While some cry foul and worry about the woes of a ‘useless class,’ as the historian Yuval Noah Harari puts it, others welcome widespread automation because they consider most current human labour mind-numbing.. 

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People strategies for success in a rapidly shifting global climate

One issue stands out for every middle-market business that operates internationally: the struggle to find and retain the most skilled and innovative employees — those who will drive growth and company performance. 

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Blockchain: The technology too powerful to ignore

The potential applications of blockchain technology are numerous, but the technology is complex and difficult to wield. 

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What is deglobalisation?

Deglobalisation is an awkward word for a phenomenon that makes investors and businesses anxious.

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Key strategies for business leaders in the changing global economy

Protectionism and populism are on the rise in the global economy. 

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A changing nation: the effects of globalisation on China 

China is rapidly becoming the new champion of economic cooperation, trade and globalisation.

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Deglobalisation goes digital

The internet is the defining meme of globalisation

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Business decisions and tax decisions

No company pays international tax and no revenue authority collects international tax.

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Adaption remains key to survival in a complex global economy

The global economy is a complex and fragile thing...

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