Data analytics service capabilities

At RSM, our team of data analytics consulting specialists help clients to identify and capture valuable and meaningful insights from data, transforming them into business advantages through a blend of profound knowledge and technical expertise. Our advisers deliver insights and impact for middle market clients through a range of agile and transformational infrastructure and solutions.

Our expertise enables us to:

  • Assess the current availability and quality of data (Data source evaluation)
  • Highlight opportunities for data cleansing and introduce appropriate governance to ensure data is complete, correct and consistent (Data quality assessment)
  • Work to define the right data strategy to support the overarching strategic and operational strategy¬†
  • Identify the right platform and technology solution which best fit the organisation¬† - from the underlying platform to the front-end visualisations, and from off the shelf products to custom built enterprise solutions (Enterprise analytics solutions selection and implementation)
  • Demonstrate how to link data from multiple sources to create data models to enable better reporting (Data integration and modelling)
  • Support the implementation of the chosen solution in an agile, iterative manner, allowing clients to quickly benefit from robust reporting and data analytics
  • Be on hand to provide support and advice at every step of the implementation
  • Through understanding individual reporting needs, we can recommend appropriate reporting tools, KPIs and metrics, and aid with report creation (Reporting and visualisations advice)