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A key part of the ESG journey is establishing your organisation’s priorities. This should include an evaluation of the positions of the organisation’s position and maturity in the domain of sustainability and ESG. Further, this should include an evaluation of the positions of important stakeholder groups (such as customers, suppliers, regulators and employees) and assessing the progress that your peers are making towards achieving their own stated ESG goals. 

RSM’s ESG maturity assessment uses four key areas to evaluate where an organisation is on its way to reaching its ESG aims: 

  1. Awareness – the organisation has identified what matters to it and its stakeholders and understands how it compares to its industry peers. 
  2. Defining and reporting – the organisation has defined ESG values and has a clear approach to upholding and reporting those values. 
  3. Managing – ESG is built into the business processes of the organisation to the extent that the culture is changing as a direct result of its ESG strategy.
  4. Maturity – ESG is fully embedded into every aspect of the business. ESG considerations influence and support business decisions, and ESG is not so much a strategy as it is part of the workforce’s shared values. 

RSM’s ESG maturity assessment will help you to: 

  • Assess where you are in your ESG journey in terms of strategy, articulated objectives and reporting measures.
  • Track achievements and outcomes across the individual elements of environmental, social and governance, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Understand what matters to your stakeholders and how they view your ESG activities and programmes. 
  • Demonstrate commitment to corporate responsibility and continuous improvement. 

Lite assessment

Our RSM Maturity 360֯ Lite assessment can help you identify key ESG disclosures which your organisation may need to adhere to and assess where you are on your journey in relation to quantifying ESG within your operations.

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