COVID-19 update - Indirect tax, Belgium

Covid-19 is disrupting business across the world and requiring tax authorities to implement rules and reliefs to support businesses through this period. At RSM, we are pulling our global indirect tax resources together to create a single source of information, support and thought leadership.

What type of business is this information relevant for?

All companies subject to VAT in Belgium including the non-profit sector.

VAT/GST reliefs – tax authority announcements

  • Longer deadline for filing VAT returns (20 March > 6 April – 20 April > 7 May – 20 May > 5 June).
  • 2 additional months for the payment period (i.e. 20 April > 20 June).
  • Faster VAT refund with conditions (only for monthly VAT returns + at least 245.00 EUR to refund).
  • VAT exemption on imports of medical products for the control of COVID-19.
  • No VAT on donations of equipment to hospitals.

What ideas have you generated to support businesses?

  • Request the VAT refund on basis of the 8th Directive prior to the final deadline of 30th September
  • Deduction of all purchase invoices for the periodi.e.follow the accrual basis of accounting
  • Application for ‘License ET 14.000’ to avoid pre-financing of VAT on imports.
  • Use a customs warehouse or a VAT warehouse for your stocks and pay VAT only at the time of sales.
  • Declare VAT due as late as possible by taking into account the rules regarding eligibility of VAT.
  • Recover VAT on unpaid sales invoices.
  • Recover VAT on refunds following cancelled events.
  • Create a VAT Unit to avoid VAT on intra-group transactions.

Call to action

The current crisis situation provides the opportunity to carry out a VAT audit to optimise cash management and detect VAT risks to avoid regularisation with fines and interest.

Keep in touch for all measurements: belgium coronavirus resource centre

Do not hesitate to contact our VAT team : Kaatje Bondewel, VAT Partner – [email protected]


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Kaatje Bondewel
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