The world of employment has changed dramatically since the pre-pandemic days, and there can be little doubt that digital nomads and working from anywhere are here to stay. Its variations extend from fully remote work to hybrid models and “workcations”. While these options offer flexibility and new opportunities, they also present challenges and unforeseen costs for both employers and employees. 

In this series of short videos and articles, our Global Employer Services team address the main areas to consider when managing a global workforce; including ESG, cybersecurity, HR, and tax and social security implications. 

Digital nomads are an intrinsic part of modern working life and with the right structures in place, can contribute positively to any organisation.

ESG implications of working from anywhere

“Working from anywhere' requires an ESG strategy with an emphasis on governance.” 

Marlène Jans 
Director of Corporate Governance and Culture 
RSM Netherlands 

Cybersecurity and data privacy implications of working from anywhere

"There are cybersecurity dangers and responsibilities that come with working from anywhere." 

Alexandra D’Archambeau 
IT Advisory Director 
RSM Belgium

HR implications of working from anywhere

"Balancing the needs of the employer and the employee in this new way of working is paramount."

Brian James
Director of Global Employer Services
RSM Netherlands

Tax and social security implications of working from anywhere

"The tax landscape can be quite complex, with the most critical aspect represented by tax residency."

Kenny Ransquin
Partner and Head of Global Employer Services
RSM Belgium

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