International support in a rapidly changing environment: Acticall

“RSM paves the way for us, we just have to hit the road.”

Elisabeth Destailleur, Chief Financial Officer, Groupe Acticall SA

In just over two decades, Groupe Acticall has evolved into one of the leaders in customer relationship management.  The company was founded in 1994 by three business school friends and has grown from a contact center outsourcing company to an integrated services group earning $1.6 billion revenues, with 218 locations in 22 countries.

According to Elisabeth Destailleur, chief administrative and financial officer of Groupe Acticall SA, the company began working with RSM in France in 2006, when Acticall was a small player in the customer care services arena.

“RSM has been with us every step of the way since then, through each acquisition and restructuring,” said Destailleur. “Our relationship with the RSM network is effective and reliable. It has been able to evolve with the size of our group.”

Working with a trusted advisor

For Destailleur, the success of the relationship between Acticall and the RSM network is based on “the ability to share our needs with the RSM team, with full transparency, and to overcome any challenges or barriers we may come across.

“RSM helps us anticipate potential issues based on their knowledge of our business. This means we are able to discuss and address the issues before they become problems for us—and, of course, identify solutions.

“One of the keys to working with RSM is the relationship is based on mutual trust.  We understand and accept each other’s positions, and our discussions are always candid and open.

“Several times during our association, RSM firms have helped us simplify complex situations or make the right move,” said Destailleur. “One of those cases was when we moved our headquarters abroad, which involved different and unusual accounting and tax issues. RSM in France was able to directly assist us with some of the issues and gave the right contacts across the RSM network of firms to cover the full range of required expertise.”

The power of being understood

In a rapidly growing entrepreneurial setting, like the one at Acticall, adaptability is key, said Destailleur.

“One of the strengths of the RSM network of firms is their adaptability in a fast-moving environment, their capacity to quickly understand the new business environment and their simplicity in the implementation of solutions.

“Of course, professional skills are the basic requirement for an audit team,” noted Destailleur. “But I’m convinced that RSM firms understand Acticall’s needs because they are listening and aware of our constraints. They have relational intelligence, a real empathy, and are able to guide us towards sensible resolutions that fall within those constraints. Working with RSM brings me peace of mind.

“In this context, it is easy to make difficult decisions and move forward with confidence.”

Company Facts

Name: Groupe Acticall SA

Headquarters: Paris, France

Industry: Customer relationship management

Number of locations: 146 locations in 22 countries

Number of employees: 70,000

Annual revenue: $1.6 billion revenues in 2014

Year founded: 1994


RSM Member firms working with Acticall: