What did you do before coming to RSM?

I am a graduate of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and a certified tax and audit consultant. Before I became part of the RSM team, I had already worked for several years as an auditor in other audit firms in Vienna. After 10 years of professional activity, I decided it was time for a new challenge. I was curious to work in a new environment and with a new range of clients. However, before I started this new chapter of my life, I first took a four month break to enjoy life.

What appealed to you to come and work at RSM?

What I looked for in my next job was to have great teamwork and be able to have fun at work, which was very important to me personally. Flat structures, challenging activities as well as being encouraged and acknowledged; professional freedom and being able to work independently; in addition to recognition and support, which are crucial for me in a workplace. 

Why I finally chose RSM, out of all the offers, was due to the right overall package; the right working conditions; the good reputation of RSM Austria; and great benefits with familiar colleagues and the right feeling.

Before I started the new position, I was invited to attend an intern Audit training. Not only did I have the opportunity to get to know my future team, but also to see the way of working at RSM. Moreover, I was invited to a birthday dinner of two members of the team, which allowed me to get to know my future team in an informal atmosphere. I was delighted the whole team was looking forward to seeing me.

How has your experience been in your time with RSM?

In my experience at RSM, individuals are taken care of; the feedback culture is actively lived in our team; and further development is encouraged for every single, individual person. Moreover, I was also enthusiastic about the buddy system, where every new employee is assigned to an established employee to have lunch together three times and to integrate better into the team.

“…individuals are taken care of; the feedback culture is actively lived in our team; and further development is encouraged for every single, individual person.”

I enjoy my position as an Audit consultant at RSM Austria very much, which is why I see myself in the future here as well. It is exciting that I not only carry out audits myself but also advise and support other colleagues. Another thing I love about my job is that I am able to make a plan for my working day every morning, but it always turns out to be 100% different than expected. You have to be very flexible when working with people. 

What would you say to an experienced hire who might be looking for a new career at RSM?

If you are looking for new challenges including taking responsibility for exciting customers within a highly professional environment, RSM is your place to be.