The innovation process will not end because of COVID 19, in fact the virus and its impact will drive the next wave of great change and embed innovation on a much larger scale. Innovation is now pivotal to both survival and success in the new world where societal shifts, such as social distancing and home working, may change from temporary to permanent and will require many industries to completely rethink their whole business model.

Investments in technology will be imperative across almost every industry and we are already seeing a big shift towards leveraging technology to provide business continuity and future proofing against new pandemics.

This new world is going to be difficult but full of opportunity. The business community has been presented with a blank slate. It is a once in a lifetime moment to reinvent, innovate and find a new space in the market. Businesses that have most successfully embedded innovation and adopted new technologies to drive change will play a strong role in this new world and companies of all sizes and sectors can learn from their success.

The rules have changed and RSM International is committed to working with clients around the world in helping them navigate their way forward and to seize the opportunities that are emerging to build a brighter and more productive business world.