Global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity remains largely positive in the small to mid-cap segment - even while mega deals appear to be reducing in the face of widespread economic slowdown, rising inflation and the uncertainty created by a range of geopolitical events. 

Across Europe we saw 627 transactions completed by RSM Network Firms in 2022. 

Early indications for 2023 suggest there is and will be an ongoing, sharpened focus on micro-segments and portfolio building. With a significant volume of dry powder across private equity seeking safe havens insulated from eroding margins and reduced trade volumes, investors are likely to actively seek opportunities across multiple sectors, often on a cross-border basis. 

Our 2023 series of M&A insights from global experts across the RSM network delves into the key trends we will see for the year ahead. With a focus on sector trends, insight will include the impacts of future transition techs; the drive of bolt-on deals; and how deal making is being increasingly shaped by ESG considerations. 

The changing shape of the market requires a higher degree of flexibility and expertise across the whole of the transactional timeline to get deals done. 


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European M&A Deals 2023: Global trends and growth drivers

"Early indications for 2023 suggest there is and will continue to be a sharpened focus on micro-segments and portfolio building. Adaptability will be the watchword for M&A in 2023 and we are ready to facilitate that "

- Lee Castledine, 
Partner at RSM UK

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