As a global organisation, RSM has an overarching Strategy that defines the direction of the Network and provides a framework to which all Member Firms align. An experienced international team was formed by the International Board and CEO to collaboratively develop a new 2030 Global Strategy for RSM. One that is transformative, modern, embraces change, and is ready to meet the expanding needs and expectations of our various stakeholders.

The resultant Strategy – Taking Charge of Change – was informed by an extensive list of internal programmes specifically defined to reimagine our future, together with input from more than two hundred experts and leaders from both within and outside of RSM. After a detailed consultation process, Taking Charge of Change was approved by the International Board and all RSM Member Firms in October 2022 for adoption from January 2023 onwards. It provides direction and focus for all RSM’s activities and is aimed at creating an innovative, dynamic and digitally-driven global organisation, while ensuring that RSM continues to be recognised by our clients, people and communities as inspiring, modern and forwardlooking.

As the next natural stage in RSM’s continued evolution, an overarching aim of the Global Strategy is to create even greater alignment across all aspects of our operations, whether that be in the solutions we provide, the experiences we create, or through our initiatives designed to drive sustainability and positive ESG-focused impact. Underlying all of this is much greater investment in common technologies. 

Harnessing data and moving to a position where we can maximise efficiency, streamline processes, and generate new and important insight to make informed, tailored decisions will help to ensure that RSM remains agile, competitive and forward-focused. 

Critical too, is our middle market focus. While RSM’s client base encompasses a significant number of global multinational organisations, RSM has been the foremost provider of assurance, tax and consulting services to middle market business leaders for many years. Middle market businesses make up the largest proportion of our client base, and maintaining this leadership of the middle market, while also increasing market share in other areas, remains of the utmost importance to RSM. 

As Chairperson of RSM International, I would like to thank all those who contributed to the development of our 2030 Global Strategy, and I look forward with excitement to the journey ahead as we work together to instill confidence in a world of change.