Introducing RSM’s 2023 Global Annual Review


Providing insight into RSM’s activities around the world, the drivers of our growth, our operations, and the positive impact we are seeking to create.

As the leading provider of professional services to the middle market, RSM continues to invest globally in key areas that help us to exceed the expectations of both our clients and our people. Many of our global activities and initiatives in 2023 were designed to build the critical foundation blocks for future development. However, they also created immediate and widespread impact, with the combined efforts of different teams around RSM resulting in fantastic and unprecedented growth. 

We recognise that we are only at the beginning of our journey of transformation as we continue to give our people and clients the confidence to Take Charge of Change.


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At RSM, we help clients overcome new challenges, embrace change and adapt to thrive.

By working together, creating deep insights, combining world-class technology and real-world experience, we deliver understanding that’s unmatched, and confidence that builds.

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Global Growth in 2023

At December 2023, RSM comprised Firms in over 120 countries, with more than 820 offices, 64,000 staff and combined revenues in excess of US$9.4 billion. 

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In 2023, RSM delivered 16% growth globally, with high growth across all regions. Europe grew by 36% compared to 2022 as a result of sustained development across 33 Member Firms and the addition of RSM Ebner Stolz in Germany. North America, RSM’s largest region by revenue, saw an impressive 13% rise in fee income for the latest financial year, powered by significant growth in both tax and consulting services, particularly in relation to IT and ESG consulting. 

A strategic merger in South Africa in July 2023 coupled with overall regional progress contributed to a 29% leap in revenue from Africa over the period. Exceptional growth was also recorded for both our MENA and Latin America regions, with 30% and 18% increases, respectively. Representing more than US$1bn in fee income, the Asia Pacific region grew by a strong 8%. RSM has seen its worldwide fee income leap by 41.7% in the last three years, driven by increased requests across all regions for client support to address shifting fiscal and economic policies, and supply chain disruption. 

With a 13% increase in global headcount, RSM is dedicated to developing an unrivalled, inclusive culture and talent experience, believing investment in both people and technology to be critical to sustained growth and delivering rich, personalised client experiences. Global tech and digital investment increased four-fold over 2023 compared to 2022, over and above the significant technology investments being made by RSM Member Firms in all territories.

The start of a new era

Image removed.“2023 was the first year on our roadmap to 2030. It was a year of great progress, but also one of learning. In particular, the accelerated pace of developments in technology, such as in artificial intelligence and machine learning, are causing us to reevaluate how we can streamline and create efficiencies to achieve our goals. Our strategy and destination are clear, but it is increasingly apparent that how we best get there will change over time as new market factors come into play.”

Joe Adams
Chairperson, RSM International Ltd. Board of Directors

Global activities and a focus on quality

Global activities and a focus on quality

RSM's global activities in 2023

Focused investment for growth 

Quality at RSM

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