2024: The Year of ESG, non-financial reporting, and sustainability

In the wake of global challenges and an intensified focus on corporate responsibility, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), non-financial reporting, and sustainability have become integral.

In our latest podcast, split into three key parts, RSM's global experts analyse how 2024 is shaping up as the Year of ESG, unravel the significance of non-financial reporting, and explore the evolving landscape of sustainability.

Key topics covered include the rise of ESG as a strategic imperative, the shift from financial to non-financial metrics, regulatory landscapes, compliance expectations, emerging trends in sustainable business practices, and challenges in navigating complexities.

Joining our host, Jon Cronin, are Marion Hanon, Global Leader for Quality and Risk at RSM International, Jacob Elkhishin, Partner, Risk Advisory and ESG Services at RSM in Australia, and Deborah Fischer, Partner, Audit, Sustainability, and Governance at RSM in Belgium.

Part one: ESG in 2024

In part one, we focus on the rise of ESG as a strategic imperative, examining the key drivers leading the way and considering best practices.


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