Cybersecurity: The value and price of connectivity


Connectivity is good. It has transformed our lives. We can talk, play games, shop, watch movies, listen to music, do business, and live richer lives. Unfortunately, connectivity comes at a price. There are people who want to access, steal, modify, destroy, or otherwise exploit our data and this is why cybersecurity is needed.

Cybersecurity affects everyone – people companies, governments and countries

The number of connected devices, the number of cyberattacks, the number of hackers, and the sophistication of the techniques they use are increasing every year.

Globally a general increase in connectivity, with more access points, more remote access, more personal information online, and more data sharing online. And there are new technologies being used – big data and data analytics, mobile working, the Cloud, the use of social media, internet transactions. And even newer innovations like wearable technology and the Internet of Things.

Combined, these result in a general increase in risk.


How can we help?

As hackers become more advanced and expand their reach and methods, the middle market must increase its focus on cyber security. Just one incident can have significant financial reputational and regulatory consequences.

Contact RSM to see how you can reduce the likelihood of a breach, improve detection, respond to incidents, and begin recovery as soon as possible.

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