RSM International’s podcast series, Global Spotlight, shines a light on the biggest issues facing middle-market businesses across the world. By drawing on RSM’s global professional services expertise, we will challenge perceptions, ask difficult questions, and encourage lively conversation and topical debate. 

Recent years have witnessed major disruptions in supply chains, mainly due to the volatile and disruptive economic environment and unforeseen global challenges. As a result, building business resilience has become of utmost importance. Many companies have taken the significant step of relocating production and suppliers closer to their core markets to bolster their resilience. Given the increasingly uncertain environment, businesses are proactively seeking new and flexible approaches to mitigate supply chain risks. 

In this episode of Global Spotlight, host Larry Keyler (RSM US) is joined by sector experts, Jason Alexander (RSM US), Rosa Ana Aranda López (RSM Mexico), Mike Thornton (RSM UK), and special guest Fergus McReynolds, Director of EU and International Affairs at Make UK, as they delve into the macroeconomic and geopolitical pressures that are propelling supply chain transformations worldwide, as well as the global efforts to safeguard supply chains and navigate the uncertainties of the business landscape. 

Prepare for a deep dive as we present this edition of Global Spotlight, where RSM’s experts offer their valuable insights into the crucial topic of supply chain resiliency as well as: 

  • Key drivers for supply chain shifts 
  • The relationship between ESG, technology, and supply chains 
  • How nearshoring, friendshoring and reshoring could mitigate supply chain disruption 
  • And much more…



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