The new “hybrid work” between space and time

By Paola Liberace

Work is becoming hybrid. We hear more and more talk of “hybrid work”, especially after the pandemic crisis, meaning a “new normal” made up of a combination of office work and remote work. This new way of working has had a huge impact, above all, on spaces: an increasing number of organizations cast doubts on their real estate choices, including units in large business centers at the very hearth of cities, against the opportunity (or need) to carry on tasks from home or from different places.

RSM Italy’s experience, from this point of view, shows the need to take action on several fronts, starting from the rationalization and optimization of places. Here, decisive support comes from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and its measures aiming at the energetic efficiency of public and private buildings, which is of the essence to contribute to climate transition and environmental sustainability. Many customers, both large and small companies, have already taken advantage of the support of RSM corporate finance dedicated teams, to seize this kind of opportunity.

To effectively face this transformation, we should not only look at space, but also at time: the time of the organization, made up of meetings, relationships, interactions taking place in both synchronous and asynchronous moments. Looking at these interactions and analyzing them, through specific tools and based on a strong expertise, allow to build organizational experience models that fit the specificity of the people, the activities, the business objectives of each entity.

RSM Italy answers to this need through a structured business ethnography activity, activating both specific People Analytics tools and participant observation programs, with the final aim to reconstruct these interactions and build employee experience models, fitting the specificity of people, of activities, of business objectives of each organization.

Actually, "hybridize" work does not only mean to mix absence and presence: it is also a matter of finding the right balance between personal and professional, between individual aspirations and collective goals, between the well-being of workers and the success of the organization.

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