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The risks associated with criminal acts, including non-financial crimes, have been growing over the past 20 years, and are now the main “loss” factor (understood not only in the financial sense) in negative company production margins, lack of coverage of fixed costs, insufficient financial resources to proceed with recapitalisation and so on. However, this type of risk is also important in the “reputational” sense, as it has the potential to cause a lasting loss of value for the company, which can be irreversible if neglected by the management.

The financial, industrial and corporate crises that have involved large Italian and/or multinational groups differ in terms of how they are manifested (e.g. document falsification, unpredictability of market trends, mistakes by management, etc.), but they share a common element; namely, the absence of suitable preventive mechanisms aimed at preventing so-called “threats” to the performance and operation of the company.

In fact, these threats affect resources within the company (managers, employees, violation of company policies and procedures, etc.) as well as outside factors (customers, suppliers, related parties, external lenders, etc.). It is becoming increasingly important for companies and their entities to analyse their internal controls systems and business implementation procedures, in order to identify and continually update their weakness and vulnerability mapping, in order to minimise the risks that negative events can cause.

As such, the RSM Forensic team has built up significant experience in managing crisis situations resulting from financial crimes, and it is able to support and assist its clients to resolve the crisis. These activities necessarily consist of the analysis and evaluation of economic and financial information, investigating internal and external resources involved in business management, independently analysing the facts and/or events of interventions by management in a given time period, and so on.

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