Making well-considered commercial decisions

When making important commercial and strategic decisions, you would obviously prefer to have a peek into the future to make sure you are making the right choice. Unfortunately, as that is not an option you can achieve the same result with sound financial models and forecasts. Would you like to test the feasibility of a project? Make an important investment decision or monitor investment performance? Eliminate doubts about a merger or acquisition? Or calculate scenarios for the medium and long term? Our experts in financial modelling can help.

The right model is crucial

Nearly all important business decisions are supported by financial modelling and forecasts with spreadsheets. Therefore, the right financial model presenting the desired information in a clear, correct manner is crucial for making the right decisions.

Our consultants have extensive expertise in financial modelling. They look forward to assisting you with:

  • developing financial Excel spreadsheet models
  • strategic investment analysis; 'what if' analysis
  • financial projections / business plan development
  • risk analysis (sensitivity analysis / Monte Carlo simulation)
  • performance analysis (return on investment portfolio risk analyses)
  • feasibility studies (business plan and market analyses)

Why choose RSM?

RSM's experienced experts can develop new tools to support your decisions, provide independent assurance on your financial models and give your staff the training they need to work accurately with the models.

Would you like more information?

Would you like more information on financial modelling? Please contact us.