Assurance that the price reflects the true value of your business

Would you like to sell (part of) your company, are you planning a merger or are you interested in acquiring another company? Then you will want absolute certainty that the price you pay or receive represents the actual value of your company. A thorough business valuation is crucial for a successful transaction. We are happy to arrange this for you. We can also prepare a transaction strategy for you and negotiate on your behalf.

In which situations do you engage RSM?

Private equity parties and companies in various sectors engage RSM for an expert and independent valuation with respect to:

  • mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • price negotiations
  • restructuring
  • management buy-out
  • fundraising

Why choose RSM?

Our experienced business valuers are engaged in valuing companies on a daily basis. RSM's international network gives them access to financial expertise and extensive sector knowledge. This is very important when preparing a thorough valuation. And due to their vast experience, they know exactly which information the buyer requires and how this should be presented in a valuation report. This is how they prepare your business for a successful transaction.

Our way of working, which fully unburdens you, allows you to focus on your organisation and do what you do best: doing business.

Would you like more information?

Are you going to sell, merge or are you planning an acquisition? And would you like to request more information or a company valuation? Please contact us.