All organizations need the right business software to manage their finance and activities. Whether it concerns financial reports, operations or customer service, software supports almost all business processes. Nevertheless, there are many organizations that could benefit from assistance with their software selection. That is to say, often businesses start with software demonstrations or sales sessions, without considering what the requirements actually are and what really needs to be accomplished.

RSM guides you through the software selection process

Software selection doesn’t need to take months and it also doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Often a structured request for proposal (RFP) is sufficient. In other cases, an ‘Agile’ approach to software selection is more appropriate. In this instance a quick selection from three providers is made, followed by a gap analysis of a smaller amount of requirements.

RSM has a proven method to guide you through the software selection process. The starting point is always that the executive stakeholders agree on the most important priorities for the software investment. Next to that, attention should be given to the functional requirements (the properties of the software and the road map of the product) and non-functional requirements, such as the contract with the provider, the commercial proposal and security.

Choosing the right system for your organization

Our in-depth understanding of software gives us important insights in how you can choose and implement the most appropriate system for your organization. Our clients appreciate our ability to guide both the software selection and the implementation phases. Next to that the continuity of knowledge that comes with this process is also highly valued.

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