RSM is an official Alliance Partner of NetSuite in the Netherlands. RSM is your partner for the purchase, implementation and optimization of NetSuite. Through our practical experience and in-depth knowledge of the platform, RSM has been able to support many organizations worldwide with the purchase and implementation of NetSuite.

NetSuite is a perfect fit for companies that operates in the medium enterprises segment that require one integrated and online platform for the administration of their (international) group. NetSuite meets the needs for evolving business of fast growing companies at every stage of their growth. It is the #1 choice to run financial/ERP, CRM and e-commerce applications in the cloud.

The benefits of a NetSuite implementation

SaaS model: NetSuite’s pure SaaS model has substantial advantages relative to traditional ‘location-bound’ ERP systems. Twice a year NetSuite offers upgrades that are applied automatically. This removes the risk to get stuck on an older version.

Cloud solution: The cloud-based architecture allows your employees, customers and suppliers to use the application anytime, anywhere and on all devices. IT complexities are reduced by the cloud-based solution from NetSuite.

Single source of truth: Maintain one database instead of storing data on multiple locations.

Total overview of group: NetSuite has standard real-time consolidated reports and has dashboards of company-specific parameters, KPIs and processes.

Laws and regulations international: NetSuite is designed to help global enterprises meet their complex functional, industry, regulatory and tax requirements.

Scalable: NetSuite is very scalable, you can add for example locations in almost every country with corresponding currencies, languages and tax structures.

Productivity improvement: Achieve productivity improvements by automating labor-intensive tasks through workflows or by accelerating the reporting cycle.

Why RSM?

Worldwide Partner of the Year: RSM has been the leading provider of NetSuite solutions worldwide since 2003. RSM is the key partner of NetSuite and has been named Worldwide Partner of the Year in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 as well as 2020.

Accountancy: RSM's team of Technology Services has a deep background in accountancy. This provides you with in-depth advice on how to organize and manage your business processes and information flows in order to optimize the implementation of NetSuite.

Local support: RSM is worldwide engaged in the distribution and implementation of NetSuite. If you have offices spread over several countries, we are your local support partner.

Whether you are thinking of implementing NetSuite for the first time or need support in optimizing or managing NetSuite, RSM will be able to help you.

Contact RSM

Contact Mario van den Broek to discuss whether NetSuite is the right cloud ERP software for your organization and how RSM can support you with a successful NetSuite project.