Property Value taxation is becoming an increasingly substantial tax expense for Norwegian companies and individuals, as more and more municipalities introduce property value tax. RSM Advokatfirma (Law) has in-depth experience concerning assisting with different property value tax issues. We have experience with property tax complaints in all the bigger cities in Norway, as well as the municipalities around Oslo. We have recently conducted a comprehensive analysis of the property value tax rates for commercial properties in the Municipality of Oslo, resulting in a database with more than 1000 property value tax rates. This enables us to compare rates and uncover potential violations of the principle of equality.

Typical issues and services in Property Value Taxation:

  • Assessing whether discharging and X are in accordance with the Property Tax Act
  • Properties exempt from property tax
  • The limit for property tax on production machines etc.
  • Specific assessment of property tax rates
  • correct calculation of property tax
  • Who is liable for the property tax?
  • Regulation agreements concerning property tax, including rental agreements
  • Analysis and assessment of property tax rates in Oslo municipality
  • Tax conflicts, appeal procedures and litigation

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