Jason Yau
Regional Leader - Asia Pacific


Jason is the Regional Leader for Asia Pacific and the Head of Technology at RSM Hong Kong. He also serves on several RSM global committees, including the Global Digital Advisory Committee, the Global Innovation Committee and the Global Financial Services Committee. Jason is currently based in Hong Kong but returns home to family in New York City when he can. 

In his role as Regional Leader, Jason works closely with Member Firms in Asia Pacific providing direction on the implementation of the RSM global strategy. He also helps facilitate regional and global client pursuits and client service matters. As head of technology in Hong Kong, Jason is responsible for developing the market strategy, business development, providing client services, as well as leading and inspiring a team of technology experts.

“My goal is to help RSM build its reputation with clients as a leading and innovative Network of Firms within Asia Pacific, whilst attracting the brightest talent.”

Key achievements

One of Jason’s first initiatives and key achievements as the APAC Regional Leader has been to build the Next Generation Leaders programme, which is designed to empower and enable the next generation of emerging talent within the region’s Member Firms. 

The Next Generation Leaders programme aims to shine a light on key skills and talent within each Member Firm in order to identify the future leaders of RSM. Jason has also launched the APAC Regional IT Consulting group promoting digital service offerings amongst Member Firms in Asia Pacific. In addition, the global proficiency training programme was created to further develop RSM experts’ knowledge and skills in Asia Pacific to acquaint them with international business practices, cultural differences and enhanced global client service capabilities.

Career timeline

2020 - Appointed Regional Leader         
2019 - Completed Cloud Transformation Initiative for RSM Hong Kong        
2017 - Joined RSM Hong Kong as the Head of Technology       
2011 - Became RSM US's first Asia Pacific expat 
2004 - Joined RSM US New York office

Jason takes great pride in being part of such a large Network that provides the opportunity to work without borders, meet people from different parts of the world and engage in purpose-led projects that help to build the future of RSM.

“I am most passionate about internally developing RSM professionals and coming up with solutions that are tailored to client needs.”

Recent press and media highlights:

Professional awards 

AICPA Technology Leaders Award in 2021. 


Undergraduate - Accounting and Information systems 

Graduate - Global Finance at New York University