Global Employer Services - Experience and Expertise

Our Global Employment Services specialists have extensive experience, spanning all aspects of international or cross-border employment and across many sectors. With experts in over 120 different countries, our teams also possess the local knowledge to assist you, and your employees, through the assignment lifecycle - across any tax, administrative and social security challenges which may arise.

Supporting your business

A global understanding - Every country has its own unique nuances when it comes to workforce mobility. Our specialist team will act as trusted advisers to work with you seamlessly across borders to help you navigate these distinctions.

Assignment planning and structuring – At the start of any international assignment, our experts will first formulate strategic plans that listen to your needs and meet the individual requirements of your business. Ensuring that your company and its employees are compliant with the necessary global tax requirements from the outset will ensure there are no surprises later down the line.

Cost management and budgeting – We can help to dramatically improve return on investment with a focus on strategic challenges such as number of globally mobile employees, a sustainable level of investment into workforce deployments and managing tax and social security expenditure.

Bespoke strategies - Taking on an international assignment can be complex. Our dedicated professionals are here to listen carefully to your needs before formulating the best strategy, to reduce workforce related burdens and free up your time and resources and allow you to get back to focusing on your business goals.

Risk and compliance advisory – Overlooking payroll, tax and social security obligations can lead to myriad risks resulting in non-compliance, permanent establishments, employee refusal of entry and other business financial and reputational risks. Our team can help you ask the right boardroom questions, draft policies and apply strategies that ensure your business is fully compliant.

A focus on your people

HR solutions - Ensuring effective and compliant employment requires a multi-layered approach to HR-related matters, such as payroll compliance and employee satisfaction, as well as a comprehensive awareness of associated immigration and labour law.

Tax matters – Tax return preparation, equalisation and protection reconciliation, guidance on personal tax affairs and all other tax planning, advisory and compliance services.

Immigration - Before your employees begin an assignment abroad, certain formalities may be required. Your local RSM business partner can steer you in the right direction towards ticking the right boxes.

Rewards - Attracting, incentivising and retaining your employees requires a smart approach to the design and structuring of your compensation plan and reward offering. At the same time, keeping an eye on the cost effectiveness and compliance of the remuneration strategy is vital.

Leveraging technology

Harnessing the power of analytics - By adopting the use of analytics, we can assess the return on investment of an assignment by using reliable data. This will help you make informed decisions in relation to international assignments and your global mobility policy.

Digital connectivity - By embracing integrated data sharing processes, your globally mobile employees and programme managers will be able to stay connected, wherever they are. Through this constant connectivity, your business will remain agile and responsive in a fast-paced, globalised world.