Choosing a training office to complete your articles will probably be one of the most difficult decisions you will make in your life.  The opportunities are endless ranging from public practice, commerce and industry, AGSA, public sector, advisory and consulting services.

So why should you consider a medium size firm and what benefits will it hold?

Diverse experience

If you are unsure of your area of interest, a medium size firm will give you exposure to a diverse client base, ranging from listed entities to family-owned enterprises, in a variety of  industries.  You will work on a variety of different clients and the depth of the work you undertake will guide you to identify what you love and assist with your career choice after articles.

Get the support you deserve 

You will be provided with a mix of traditional training, feedback and coaching, on-the-job experience, and an environment where you are encouraged to share your ideas.  You will compete against a handful of other trainees, not 400!

Be recognised 

We recognise that people are our most valuable assets.  We celebrate each individual’s unique talents and skills and encourage staff to the best they can be. Your efforts will definitely not go unnoticed.

Be mentored 

Our firm has an open door policy, which gives you direct access to directors, managers and supervisors when you need guidance.  We mentor our trainees to become well-rounded skilled professionals who behave ethically and with integrity.  Professionals who lead and make a difference in South Africa and globally, while positively impacting the economy and society. 

Know your colleagues 

Spending time together creates a bond and, a sense of trust.  When colleagues know each other, they are much more likely to work well together.  Taking into consideration how much time you spend at work, the development of good relationships can make work more fun which results in a more positive workplace and the improved morale of employees.  

Active social calendar

 Medium size firms tend to have an active social calendar. As a close knit family, we work hard, but equally enjoy social activities, such as charity drives, sporting activities, or just socialising in the office pub on a Friday afternoon. 

And most importantly … working hours are reasonable and you will have a life outside work! 

Marita Cloete
Manager : Audit Staff and Resourcing, Johannesburg 

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