Mining finance experts who offer strong international capabilities combined with specialist sector expertise

The Mining industry is a complex and challenging sector, with organisations facing a myriad of unique challenges and opportunities.

RSM offers the expertise and support needed to overcome regulatory, operational and strategic challenges in the Mining sector. By leveraging our specialised knowledge and experience, RSM can help organisations in the mining sector to navigate uncertainties, mitigate risks and achieve sustainable growth and profitability in a demanding environment.

Our global and diverse network ensures that we can provide a global, integrated approach combined with the sector knowledge to help you succeed regardless of where in the world you operate.

RSM can help you address the following key challenges:

RSM can provide expert guidance on navigating the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with changing laws and regulations. Our tailored strategies assist your organisation to mitigate risks through services such as regular compliance audits and implementing robust compliance management systems.

Fluctuating government policies around B-BBEE requirements, land ownership and mineral rights can compound issues in an already uncertain environment. RSM’s mining experts have their finger on the pulse of policy changes and their implications. We can provide proactive advice to create and adapt strategies conducive to sustainable growth.

Our Labour Law consulting team offer expertise in labour relations management and can assist to foster constructive dialogue with unions and workers to prevent disputes. We can also assist in designing fair and transparent employment policies and practices that promote workforce stability and productivity.

RSM can provide tailored solutions to address infrastructure challenges in order to minimise costs and delays. We can assist in evaluating and investing in infrastructure improvements, leveraging our expertise in project management and financing.

The mining industry in particular is under pressure around ESG considerations. RSM’s multidisciplinary team of ESG experts can offer comprehensive assessments of environmental impacts and recommend mitigation measures to ensure compliance with regulations. We can also assist to implement sustainable practices and technologies to minimise environmental footprints and build positive relationships with local communities.

Our Risk Advisory experts can conduct risk assessments that will identify hazards and develop effective safety management systems. Through on-going support, your organisation can promote a culture of safety and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

RSM tax experts work closely with you to optimise your tax position. We can assist to identify opportunities for cost reduction and operational efficiency improvements through process optimisation, technology adoption and supply chain management.

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