Public sector consulting to help you deliver on your mission to constituents

The public sector in South Africa plays a crucial role in governance, service delivery and economic development. However, despite its important role, this sector faces numerous challenges such as corruption, inefficiency and capacity constraints.

RSM brings specialised expertise, resources and best practices to support the public sector. Working as strategic partners, we can assist organisations in this sector to address their challenges, achieve objectives, drive innovation and deliver value. 

We can assist organisations in the Public Sector in the following ways:

Public sector entities are often subject to stringent financial reporting requirements and regulatory compliance standards. RSM’s Audit & Assurance experts will help your organisation to maintain financial integrity and credibility, instilling trust among stakeholders.

Public sector companies must navigate complex tax laws and regulations while ensuring compliance with tax obligations. RSM can provide comprehensive tax compliance services, as well as strategic tax planning advice to optimise your tax position.

Public sector entities face various risks, including financial, operational, regulatory and reputational risks. RSM can conduct risk assessments to identify areas of concern and help your organisation to develop customised risk management strategies and controls.

RSM can assist public sector organisations to implement robust internal controls, conducting audits to identify and mitigate fraud and corruption risks, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

In an increasingly digital world, public sector entities need to embrace technology and innovation to enhance service delivery, operational efficiency and citizen engagement. RSM’s technology experts can assist entities to assess their technology needs, identify suitable solutions and develop digital transformation strategies. 

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