Understanding your goals to create new growth opportunities for your wealth

Building wealth may be difficult, but managing it often proves even more challenging. If you have interests across multiple global jurisdictions, then you may also face additional complexities and an increased risk of non-compliance. Protecting your wealth effectively for the long term requires proactive efforts, supported by sound advice.

RSM Private Client Services can support you throughout your wealth journey, helping you to preserve your assets for generations to come. Our team provide a full suite of services that will help you develop a wealth management plan based on your investment priorities and goals but also matched against a realistic timeline and with a thorough consideration of potential risk.

We work with you to understand your needs and will coordinate your domestic and international requirements across every jurisdiction – providing a truly borderless solution.

Whether it is for you, your family or your business, it is essential to take proactive steps to ensure your wealth is protected, wherever it may be. The right support and advice are critical to achieving your personal wealth goals and ambitions.

Regardless of your family’s source of wealth, it is crucial to define your investment objectives and priorities, whether these are preservation of wealth or long-term capital growth. Multigenerational considerations also need to be reconciled if there are contrasting priorities and interests.

Successfully transferring wealth or a business from one generation to the next is a challenge even at the best of times. At the worst of times, it can create conflict that affects relationships within the family for years to come.

While it’s difficult to know where to start, RSM’s experienced advisers will work with you to develop a practical roadmap. We’ll then support you and your family in carrying it out, so you can retire knowing your legacy is protected.

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