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At RSM, we understand that an audit should be more than just examination of the financial statements. This is why our dedicated audit teams provide our clients with a clear picture of where they currently stand and provide the insights they need to make better decisions for the future.

Auditing requires the application of rigorous standards, scepticism, objectivity and professional competence. The RSM Orb Audit Methodology blends technical competencies, including sophisticated data analytics, with a detailed knowledge of the client, its markets and the industry sector. Using this methodology, we offer tailored audit services with a strong emphasis on early planning. We identify key financial statement components and tailor procedures to the unique aspects, size and nature of your business.

The RSM Orb Audit Methodology involves:

  • Obtaining an understanding of the client’s business from both an accounting and business perspective
  • Assessing the risk of material misstatements (including fraud risk) and the controls in place to prevent these risks
  • Where appropriate, testing certain identified controls
  • Selecting appropriate analytical and substantive audit procedures to obtain evidence
  • Conducting structured audit procedures to ensure that the correct conclusions are drawn
  • Forming an opinion and reporting under the applicable laws and standards
  • Communicating with management on an ongoing basis throughout the audit

All of the above stages are performed by using the bespoke data analytics tools where the data allows.

RSM have extensive experience offering auditing and assurance services to a wide range of industry sectors and business types from family-owned businesses to large private companies, retirement funds or listed companies, in the private and public sectors.


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RSM's global audit methodology

RSM Orb, our global audit approach, is carefully designed to comply with professional standards, providing a high level of audit quality and an appropriately low level of business risk.

JSE accreditation

RSM South Africa is accredited with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to perform audit and review services for listed entities. A number of directors within the firm are certified as JSE approved  Auditors and JSE approved Reporting Accountant Specialists qualified to perform all functions in terms of the JSE listing requirements specific to preparation of Prospectuses and Circulars as a result of any form of corporate action undertaken by listed companies.

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