Helping you to create an effective structure, sustain growth and transfer wealth to future generations.

Every business has numerous considerations in terms of set-up, structure and strategy. A Family Office however, has an additional layer of complexity that is driven by your particular needs and circumstances.

When managing family assets, financial investing is simply one chapter of a much larger, more complex story.

The Family Office team at RSM build multi-generational relationships with our clients’ families and business teams and aim to become your long-term, steadfast advisor. Bringing you the power of being understood, we listen and work with you to understand and cultivate your family’s definition of success.

We will collaborate with stakeholders including your board of directors, management and family to articulate, maintain and safeguard your vision, with every piece of the puzzle working together for the benefit of the whole.

Our services are customised to your family’s top priorities and goals and centre on key areas critical to a Family Office. These include:

  • Corporate and ownership structures that address business and family needs
  • Strategic Planning for Family Owned Businesses 
  • Governance structures and the development of Family Constitutions
  • Finance and funding models to suit Family Owned Businesses
  • Employee benefit and compensation structures to remunerate family and non-family members
  • Conflict and mediation
  • The critical aspect of succession planning
  • Exit strategies
  • Retirement planning and estate planning

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