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When working with high net worth individuals and family offices, tax considerations can have a large impact on the future growth of your wealth. The structure of investments is vital to ensure the most effective outcome for minimising tax liability, and this is especially pertinent when looking at joint wealth between couples or families.

Individuals and families are also becoming increasingly mobile, with assets and investments outside of their home country. This is likely to result in tax issues due to the complexity of cross-border tax legislation.

RSM can help you identify the tax implications of possible investment options and navigate the tax position to maximise tax reliefs. This extends to numerous investment vehicles, including digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

Due to our global footprint, RSM can also ensure that advice on tax issues in multiple countries is delivered from one network, without having to engage with external firms in different countries. 

The tax obligations of high net worth individuals and family offices can be complex, with ever-changing legislation that can be hard to keep up with. RSM has the extensive tax expertise that you need to remain compliant, both locally and globally, while keeping a focus on your wealth strategy.

With periodic changes to tax rates and allowances, it is important to review asset ownership and the resulting income to help minimise your overall tax liability. Planning involving the effective utilisation of any CGT exemptions, together with other available reliefs, can be considered to mitigate a future liability.

In today’s globally mobile environment, family members and even staff are increasingly based in different parts of the world. Offshore investment opportunities are also now more accessible and offer lucrative returns. However, managing tax across multiple jurisdictions requires specialist knowledge and careful planning. RSM draws from our global tax expertise to ensure every consideration is covered. 

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