Well-informed commercial and Legal advice

Any business requiring operational and strategic efficiencies, will require specialist legal (and tax) advice on its restructuring options and the implementation thereof.

At RSM, our legal experts provide specialised legal advice to boards of directors and other stakeholders on the best structures to rationalise their businesses, as well as the implementation thereof. We place an emphasis on understanding the needs of the business, the people and its values. We then work together to ensure the most appropriate option is taken to deliver the best results for the business.

Where required, we also tap into our RSM colleagues specialising in tax and business restructuring. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that all implications of the restructure are considered. Through our international network we are also able to operate seamlessly on a cross-border level.

How we can assist you

  • Corporate restructuring and implementation. This includes ownership structures, divestment, business reorganisation, and new business formation 
  • Insolvency restructuring advice to businesses in distress, lenders, suppliers and other creditors, or to potential buyers of the business or the assets from the entity in distress

The intricacies of restructuring

A complex global restructure and client success.

Client success story

We assisted a multinational engineering and construction consulting group with a corporate restructure to rationalise its South African operations. This involved  a formal opinion on the options for restructuring taking into consideration the legal, tax and financial implications. We then implemented the restructure through the execution of various corporate and commercial agreements as well as the relevant exchange control applications.

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