Navigating complexities, driving innovation and achieving sustainable growth in the Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing remains critically important across the globe but the manufacturing environment is facing countless challenges.

Coping with supply chain disruption, fluctuating demand and the associated cashflow problems has become the norm, but improving productivity and staying on top of the shifting workforce dynamics also remain front of mind.

RSM’s multidisciplinary team of professionals can assist you to navigate the specific challenges and intricacies of the manufacturing sector. We can help your organisation strategise around the right systems to accelerate growth, gauge the impact of automated technologies and find solutions to the challenges you face around revenue growth, risk management, global operations and more.

Through informed and tailored advice, RSM can help manufacturers to address key industry hurdles, drive innovation and achieve sustainable growth, specifically in the following areas:


RSM’s experts can provide strategic guidance on market trends, technology adoption, supply chain optimisation, and regulatory compliance. We’ll work with you to create tailored strategies to overcome challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

RSM’s technology experts can assist in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and customised solutions to optimise production processes, improve product quality and reduce downtime.

Through extensive knowledge in supply chain management, RSM can assist you to optimise your supply chain operations, mitigate risks and enhance resilience. We’ll assist your organisation to identify vulnerabilities and develop contingency plans to ensure continuity of operations.

Our assurance services will assist organisations to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Through compliance audits and regulatory consulting, we’ll help you navigate these complex regulatory landscapes and avoid costly penalties. We can also assist with the implementation of effective quality management systems.

South Africa offers various tax incentives to manufacturers to encourage investment, growth, and competitiveness in the industry. We can help you identify these and how best to access them.

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