Conversations in Business with RSM South Africa is a podcast where we talk to business leaders and experts to gain valuable insights that will help you take your business forward.


Conversations in Business Conversations in Business with RSM Conversations in Business with RSM

Conversations in Business with RSM

Conversations in Business with RSM South Africa is a podcast where we talk to business leaders and experts to gain valuable insights that will help you take your business forward.

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Episode 9: Understanding the Youth Employment Service (YES Programme)

The Youth Employment Service (often referred to as the YES Programme) is a joint national initiative between business, government and labour, with the aim of creating jobs for the youth. For businesses, involvement offers the opportunity to gain up to two levels on your B-BBEE scorecard.

RSM Director, Liz Pinnock, chats to the CEO of YES, Dr Tashmia Ismail-Saville, around how the YES Programme works and the benefits offered to organisations for getting involved.

Episode 8: Where does the insurance industry currently stand?

The insurance industry as a whole has certainly been in the news recently following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic – sometimes for good and sometimes for bad reasons. But there’s no doubt that this is an industry that has been affected and is having to re-look the way they do business, like many others.

RSM Director, John Jones, chats to Andy Tennick, Managing Director of African Reinsurance Corporation South Africa, about where the insurance industry currently stands. African Reinsurance Corporation is the leading Pan-African reinsurance company and the largest reinsurer in Africa.

Episode 7: The role and responsibilities of an Audit Committee

Audit committees and auditors have received much attention in the press recently but what is the actual purpose of an audit committee?

RSM Director, Henk Heymans, chats to highly renowned attorney and member of the King Committee, Michael Judin, about what an audit committee should be contributing to an organisation.

Episode 6: The importance of the online space for business

The online space has become vitally important for organisations. In the last year, organisations across the globe have been forced to adopt various online practices at a rapid pace to ensure they remain relevant. Whilst a simple website may have been sufficient not so long ago, this is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd.

RSM South Africa CEO, Louis Quintal, chats to Jacques Du Bruyn, Managing Director and co-founder of Flume, an award winning full-service digital marketing agency, about what businesses should be doing to remain relevant online.

Episode 5: Business Interruption Insurance in the pandemic

The pandemic has had an economic impact on virtually every business, with many having submitted Business Interruption Insurance claims in the hope of recovering lost revenue. However, there has been much uncertainty around which claims actually meet the requirements for the insurance company to pay out.

RSM Director, Taryn Forsythe, chats to business interruption insurance expert, Brett Eaton, about the result of recent claims in court and where this leaves business owners.

Episode 4: Using data analytics to detect fraud in forensic investigations

RSM Director, Thilen Pillay, chats to fellow RSM Director, Anton Bouwer around the use of data analytics to identify fraud. They look at the numerous ways that data can provide answers, as well as some of the do's and don'ts when looking to company data.
Thilen heads up Technology Risk Advisory at RSM and Anton heads up the Data Analytics division.

Episode 3: In conversation with Nyari Samushonga from Wethinkcode_

RSM Director, Andrew Galloway, chats to Nyari Samushonga who is the CEO of Wethinkcode_, a dynamic organisation that is working to address the scarcity of developers in South Africa. They discuss the technology space in South Africa and how organisations can better utilise and incorporate this into their businesses.

Episode 2: In conversation with Nicola Kleyn

RSM Director, Liz Pinnock, chats to Professor Nicola Kleyn about managing your brand in a crisis. Nicola, in conjunction with Frances Herd, has recently published a book with 10 rules that organisations should follow to effectively manage their brand when a crisis strikes to avoid reputational damage.

Episode 1: In conversation with Kim Pratley

In our first episode of Conversations in Business, RSM South Africa CEO, Brian Eaton, chats to the MD of our oldest client, Kim Pratley from the well-known adhesive manufacturer, Pratley. 
Pratley has been in business for 72 years and the organisation is renowned for the innovative approach they take to their products. Brian and Kim discuss the journey to Pratley's success.