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Protecting your organisation from ransomware

30 May 2017
Ransomware, also known as WannaCry/WannaCrypt0r recently hit worldwide with one of the biggest attacks in cybersecurity history. It struck the NHS (National Health Service) in Britain, affecting 40 hospitals to the extent that appointments had to be cancelled, surgeries postponed, essentially affecting many lives.

A look at the basics of cybersecurity

29 May 2017
Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorised access. Thus security includes both cybersecurity and physical security.

B-BBEE points for Broad-Based Ownership Schemes and Employee Ownership Schemes

25 September 2015
Following the release of the so called Notice of Clarification of 5 May 2015 and the anticipated and justifiable reaction to the impact of the Broad-Based Ownership Schemes (“BBOS”) and Employee Share Ownership Programs, (“ESOP”) The Department of Trade and Industry (“DTI”) has been forced to retract the Notice and reinstate the benefits associated to such schemes.

The need for concern over BYOD

25 September 2015
Over recent years, you would have heard the term BYOD mentioned with increased frequency. So it would be natural to ask oneself: “What is BYOD, and why is it garnering so much attention?”

To comply or not to comply - that is NOT the question

25 September 2015
Regulatory compliance is not an “optional extra” for an organisation these days. Stakeholders are more enlightened, and with the advent of social media, a newsworthy transgression by any organisation can reach a global audience within seconds.

Cybersecurity takes centre stage

23 September 2015
If there was ever a time that information security was on the radar of risk management committees it would be now. It is an aspect of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) that now demands attention and recognition. Cybersecurity is leading the charge in this constantly evolving field.