My first week as a trainee accountant at RSM

“We are what we repeatedly do therefore excellence is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle

Prior to my first week at RSM SA Durban I had gone through two interviews. The first interview was with two of the partners Jason Howitz and Oveshan Chetty. The second interview was with my manager Nicci Weymouth. Only after these two interviews was I offered a position as a trainee accountant at the firm. I was informed about the services such as accounting, tax and auditing that the firm provided as well as the policies and procedures followed. There was more to the picture than just these two interviews. The staff at the firm displayed a high level of ethics and professionalism.

On my arrival for the first day of work I met with my manager and was given a clear breakdown of the firm’s functions which are accounting, tax and auditing as well as the quality control policies and procedures that are followed. My manager also explained my role in the accounting department and how I could grow with the firm while studying and training towards becoming a professional accountant. The firm’s brand positioning, “The power of being understood”, suddenly became clear to me, and I realised that this is not just a firm looking to grow its business but it is also focused on the growth and welfare of its employees.

Due to my prior experience at another accounting firm I was immediately put to work to test my capabilities and given tasks that challenged me and will ultimately help me grow. In the accounting department I was exposed to new programs, ideas and tasks, including a program that enabled me to not only to keep track of my tasks done throughout the day but helped me to manage my time efficiently. In my first week I also learned how to complete a dividends tax return and the process involved. All the steps, policies and procedures of doing work are aimed at providing high quality output and service to our clients, and to train me to be a competent accountant in the near future.

The firm’s clear and professional way of dealing with clients and work enforced a point which a lot of companies miss these days, which is that quality is always better than quantity. By following a precise and professional procedure of doing work we not only keep the client pleased, as we are looking after their best interests, but we maintain a high quality of work which will help us grow and look out for our firm’s best interests as well.

At the end of my first week I was filled with information overload. Since the dust of that first week has settled, I feel stable in my new position and confident that I will contribute as much to RSM SA Durban as they will contribute to my growth as a leader and professional.

Nathan Pentz

Trainee Accountant, Durban

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