Performance reviews for trainees

Performance reviews are a part of being a trainee accountant and are important to ensure you develop into a skilled professional. One of our trainees takes a look at how best to handle the performance review.

Before the review

Always keep in mind that performance reviews are required for employers to assess your accomplishments and identify crucial aspects you need development in. The employer needs to establish if you are the right fit for the job and the trainee needs to determine if this firm suits their ambitions, career plans and personality.

Approach the review with an open mind and be mindful of all the events that have taken place in the past few months specifically client interactions, work done for seniors and feedback given by managers. Every interaction counts when being assessed.

Think of questions you can ask your reviewers to show interest in your career and in achieving the goals of the firm whilst still achieving your core competencies.

During the review

Remain calm throughout the interview and understand the reviewer's perspective. They want the top performing employees and need to work with you to achieve the essential outcomes.

Don’t become emotional. Choose to be objective and understand that analysing your work is not a personal attack on you. There are certain rules to be followed in being an article clerk, whether informal or formal, regarding verbal or written communication as well as presentation.

Answer questions about any issues that have occurred on the job honestly and with as much detail as possible.

Maintain a professional tone throughout the interview. Acknowledge everything that is being said to you and be eager to improve on all aspects identified as below average. Be pleased about ratings that are above average, but do not become complacent as there is always room for improvement.

After the review

Perform a personal evaluation in which you develop a strategy to be above average in all aspects being rated, in order to increase your overall performance ratings.

Do not compare your review to other trainees .There are many factors to consider namely the reviewer performing the review, audits you have been assigned on and issues that may have occurred at the client .

Articles is a 3 year process in which you will have several opportunities to perform well and recover from setbacks whilst developing yourself as a competent and qualified chartered accountant.

Samone Govender

Trainee Accountant, Durban

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