At RSM we have a set of characteristics that are core to our culture and make up the RSM DNA. They help us to be the first-choice advisor to the middle market and make us great leaders and team members.

We believe that by embracing caring, curiosity, collaboration, courage and critical thinking we will bring the power of being understood to life.

So how have 2021’s first years experienced these characteristics during their first few weeks? We spoke to some of them to get their thoughts.


  • From the first moment I stepped onto RSM’s premises I felt cared for, from how the security guard greeted me, to how I was treated at reception while waiting to be interviewed - Mukovhe Rangwaneni.
  • We received Zoom calls and WhatsApp messages to make sure we’re settling in, coping and have all the support we need to make the transition from university life to work life as stress free as possible – Michelle Phaswana & Amukelani Nkuna.
  • One thing I really love and appreciate about RSM is that you are not alone. There is always someone willing to listen and help. They sincerely care – Mihloti Shibise.


  • Every first year comes with the eagerness to learn. We are a curious bunch – Nwabisa Mdladlamba & Mukovhe Rangwaneni
  • During training we were always encouraged to ask questions. The trainers were patient and never hesitated to stay behind to explain until such time that the concept was grasped – Izani Talwe & Sinesipho Hola.
  • Through UP assignments, we are afforded the opportunity to feed our curiosity. We utilise the knowledge gained through our studies and training and apply it in a real-life simulation scenarios. We grow as individuals through learning and gaining experience to perform our tasks better in a real audit situation – Mamello Mohale.


  • At RSM, they instil the spirit of collaboration to work together towards one goal. – Mukovhe Mudzanani.
  • I was amazed by how collaboratively the people of RSM work. When working on an audit, each person is given their own section to be responsible for. My expectation was to see each person working and struggling with their own section, however this was not the case. They work together. When a person was done with the tasks allocated to them, they would ask if there was anyone who needed help. – Amukelani Nkuna.
  • At RSM, we are a family who wants to see each other grow and succeed. When working in teams, we are a unit and strive to achieve a common goal. - Nwabisa Mdladlamba.


  • As a first year, you need to be courageous, take the leap of faith and do things even if you are afraid. You need to have the courage to speak up when you do not understand, ask the question, give your input even though you are not sure if it is the correct answer. – Asande Lamla & Michelle Phaswana.
  • I am often scared to ask for help because of the fear of being judged as incompetent. However, during my first few weeks at RSM, I realised there is no need to be scared as there is no judging.  These questions are seen as a growth and development opportunity. – Nicoleen Moela & Mamello Mohale.
  • During my first audit I was tasked to document audit procedures for most accounts. Only being trained on how to document the audit procedures for Bank and Cash and Expenses, I was scared to ask. I had to be courageous and schedule a meeting with my senior. She explained how I need to document the rest of the audit procedures and her advice was “understand what you are doing, then audit procedures will be easy to document”. – Mihloti Shibise.

Critical thinking

  • During Induction training we would interact in small breakout sessions and brainstorm ideas to come up with the best solution. I felt empowered and more curious during these breakout sessions as I became more aware that RSM trainees are taught to look at a challenge in an innovative way. Induction training has sharpened our critical thinking skills and curiosity. - Michelle Phaswana & Mmasabata Rakgwale. 
  • Being curious and asking questions enables a person to become a critical thinker. - Mukovhe Mudzanani.
  • During my first audit, I encountered a problem and reached out to the senior-in-charge. She was not quick to draw a conclusion. She asked questions, required more information and asked me what I thought should happen before coming up with her decision. Her approach not only showed me that she is a critical thinker, but she is nurturing me to become one too. – Mmasabata Rakgwale.

When I first heard of the 5 C’s I thought it was just another “core cultural value” on paper for completeness, however my experience through interaction with colleagues has proven that RSM people live up to their values. – Amukelani Nkuna.

Thank you to the First Years who shared their thoughts with the RSM family of caring, curious, courageous, collaborative critical thinkers.  We wish you all best with your journey ahead. 

Let us strive to live the 5 C’s every day and bring the power of being understood alive.