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Tax deadline dates - Simplifying your obligations

We all know that keeping track of your personal tax filing obligations can be difficult to track at times. To add to the complexity, it does not help that you could potentially be required to address filing obligations for 3 different tax years in one calendar year.

We set out below the due dates for all tax return filings in a tax year:

  • First provisional:                31 August
  • Second provisional:         28 February
  • Third provisional:               30 September (Voluntary provisional tax top up payment)
  • Annual tax return:             31 October for Non-Provisional taxpayers (Revised earlier due date)
  • Annual tax return:             31 January for Provisional taxpayers

This is better illustrated on a time line for the coming year:


If you do not work with tax deadlines on a regular basis, this may become overwhelming. It is for this reason that we, as tax advisors, will guide you through all your personal tax deadlines.                                                       

Engela Crocker

Associate | Tax, Johannesburg

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