Working, studying and training at RSM

At RSM, trainee accountants are trained to interact with clients in a professional, ethical and timely manner while ensuring the client is receiving a high level of professional service. This is not a skill learned over night and takes a great deal of time and patience of our seniors, mangers and partners,  all with the goal of ensuring trainees become proficient and effective members of the accounting community and valued members of the RSM team.

Should a trainee find themselves in a position of needing to continue with their educational accounting qualifications, rest assured you will find a welcoming and helpful support system within RSM. The firm will provide you with study leave to give you time to finalise your preparations and write your tests and exams. Co-workers are always there to give an encouraging word and assist with any issues wherever possible.

In the world of auditing, your exposure to different fields and task requirements is only as varied as your client base. In that regard RSM excels with a wide variety of clients in different fields, with different facets and requirements for each. This is of great benefit to the trainees as it enables them to receive rounded training over the course of their training contracts. RSM also provides us with an array of different training courses, offered through accredited service providers, that enable trainees to gain the understanding and practical knowledge of the residual skills needed that can’t always be taught on the job.

Through consistent and dedicated effort to these methods, RSM produces skilled and effective accountants that can efficiently and timeously attend to the various requirements of the accounting, auditing and taxation sectors, thus providing clients with the best possible service.

Alan Michel

Trainee Accountant, Durban

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