Is your organisation leveraging the power of the cloud?  

Cloud accounting is designed to streamline your finance applications. It also has numerous benefits for organisations which allow them to concentrate on their core business activities rather than IT and infrastructure issues. 

  • Reduced costs - through automation and simplified processes
  • Improved reliability - The use of multiple sites makes cloud computing suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery 
  • Flexibility - If your needs change it is easy to scale up or down your cloud capacity. Users can also obtain resources as needed 
  • Security – Major cloud application providers offer high levels of security and better internal controls than similar in-house based software
  • Easy access whenever you need it – Multiple users can access and update information wherever they are and at any time. 

In today’s competitive environment, the choices offered around this highly scalable technology are too attractive for businesses to ignore. However, the choices of technology and solutions available can also be overwhelming. You need a partner that can help you select the business technology tools that will suit your specific needs. 

RSM's Cloud Accounting team will work with you to assess the unique needs of your organisation and get your business systems operating efficiently. In addition to moving your core financials to the cloud, we can help you select and implement solutions to automate your key financial functions.

RSM has partnered with Xero and Sage as trusted cloud solution providers which offer seamless outcomes with clear and easy access to your organisation’s financial information. 

Our service offering includes:

  • Set-up and implementation of your cloud solution
  • Administering the monthly processing of accounts 
  • Real-time reporting
  • Budgets and cash flow forecasting

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