Data analytics for risk management and fraud detection

Establishing an effective, efficient data analytics process for your organisation has the potential to transform your risk management and fraud detection initiatives.

Instead of analysing risks retrospectively and subjectively, a well-designed and implemented data analytics process allows you to manage the full spectrum of risks consistently across the enterprise in a much more integrated fashion. Data analytics geared to risk management foster an objective, more easily quantifiable and forward-looking perspective.

But how do you get there? That’s where RSM’s experienced data analytics professionals come in, providing the skill sets and technical and domain knowledge needed to achieve the goal: data- and technology-driven risk management.

Our consultants work collaboratively with your risk management professionals to:

  • Assist as needed with the design and development of analytics for risk analysis
  • Implement risk assessment and continuous monitoring strategies across multiple business-process areas
  • Develop and implement analytics collaboratively used by teams in not only risk management and fraud detection, but also in internal audit and compliance and controls

What else is possible?

Your data analytics initiative can also capture external data, providing indications of events and trends potentially affecting your organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives. In addition, our team can advise you on how to establish data analytics and continuous monitoring strategies to assess the state of multiple and often interrelated risks and their likely effect on your goals.

The promise of a more efficient, integrated risk management environment is made real by using data analytics.

Contact RSM to open the discussion and discuss the specifics of your unique situation. 


Podcast: Using Data Analytics to detect fraud in forensic investigations

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