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Whether valuing a business, or an underlying individual asset, a valuation calls for the application of technical skills, experience and business insight. This invariably involves conducting detailed analysis, undertaking market research, and applying the correct valuation techniques in order to arrive at a reliable, credible and supportable valuation.

In a number of transactions, valuations comprise key elements of the overall consideration payable by one party to the other. An incorrectly performed valuation can often lead to unnecessary disputes and conflict, and it is therefore critical for any enterprise or individual to protect their interests by using reputable and knowledgeable financial quantification consultants.

The need for valuations arises in a number of different situations. Some of the situations include:

  • During the Merger and Acquisition Process (Buy and Sell Side)
  • For purposes of succession planning for family owned and/or other corporate entities
  • In order to  identify synergies between  two or more merging parties
  • Tax Valuations
  • Valuations for purposes of litigation proceedings and/or for  dispute resolution processes
  • Valuations for financial reporting requirements
  • Calculations of Damages and Insurance claims
  • Divorce Settlements / Dissolution of joint estates
  • Deceased Estate Valuations
  • Fairness Opinions

Our consultants are able to provide accurate and credible valuations that may be called for by the client. We regularly undertake valuation engagements that vary from complex corporate transactions, all the way through to the valuation of individual assets. We also have experience across numerous industries and sectors of the economy.

The approach and methodology that we apply in each case is flexible, and will take into account all relevant factors surrounding the specific transaction. The scope and nature of the engagement undertaken by us will thus be aligned and tailored to ensure that the client ends up with an accurate and relevant valuation.

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