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In the ever changing and dynamic economic environment that modern businesses are operating in, the protection of an entities income and revenue streams have become critical to the medium and long term viability of the business. The analysis, identification and quantification of major business interruption risks is an element of risk management that has become vital to protect the financial health and going concern capacity of the business.

Our experience is in the consideration and quantification of various real life scenarios, as well as the valuation of entities. Our consultants are regularly involved in post loss economic damage assessments and negotiations. As a consequence, they are well positioned to provide guidance on the adequacy of various risk management plans, such as, mitigation measures, disaster recovery plans and key supplier dependency.

The Business Interruption Services department is comprised of Chartered Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, legal experts and IT specialists who provide quantification expertise on insurance and corporate disputes, insurance related consultancy services and general business interruption risk management.

Our regular service offerings include:

  • Scenario analysis: Risk identification and quantifying the economic impact of various risk exposures, including the cost and effect of mitigation measures.
  • Business Interruption risk analysis workshops.
  • Insurance Declared Values: Quantifying the Declared Values for Business Interruption Insurance with due consideration of variables such as seasonality, rebuild and replacement periods, expected cost savings and accounting treatment of assets and provisions. The transfer of risk under an insurance program is only effective if it adequately mitigates the intended risk.
  • Economic Loss quantification: Claim preparation and formulation for insurance and/or litigation purposes. Our consultants are regularly appointed to assist with complex economic damages assessments, loss investigation and recoveries.Economic Valuation of Strategic Decisions: Due to our experience with valuations and economic loss calculations, we also provide assessments on the economic viability of key decisions.

What is business interruption insurance?

Business Interruption insurance protects the financial health of a business, its cash flow position and its ability to keep operating in the case of a loss event.

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