What were you doing before you joined RSM?

Before joining RSM, I was working as an environmental engineer, specifically in soil remediation related projects and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). I was at a turning point in my life, eager to find an employer that not only offered career opportunities but also aligned with my career goals in terms of navigating my way in the sustainability domain.

What about RSM appealed to you and how has it measured up to your expectations?

One of the main reasons that influenced my decision to join RSM is that I was aiming for a workplace culture that is considered as a market leader in the sustainability domain, fosters growth and adopts professionalism within its engagements.

“I was seeking to work for a company that recognised the crucial role of integrating sustainability with not only day to day practices but in business operations - and RSM was and still is one of the main players in the market.”

On my very first day, I admired RSM's collaborative culture and how it is purpose-led towards building long-lasting relationships with clients and in retaining employees. I was hoping to find a supportive environment at RSM, and work with colleagues who may influence and impact my professional goals, positively. Luckily, my expectations were not only met, but my actual experience exceeded such expectations. During my very first months while working with RSM, we were faced by an unprecedented crisis – the COVID-19 pandemic. The ethos and genuine collaborative support extended by my colleagues and manager made me feel not only valued as a new joiner, but it gave me the security and needed support that my efforts are noticed right from the start and more so in times of crisis. The support I have received from both the firm and my colleagues during such challenging times reaffirms the strength of RSM’s community and how it differs from previous companies that I have worked for.

What do you value and what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I would describe myself in three words: creative, adaptive, and determined. RSM’s brand and The Power of Being Understood” resonates deeply with me, as from my own perspective it indirectly refers to how each individual brings a unique blend of perspectives, aspirations; and how understanding such differences captivates each person’s true potential value.

Outside of work, I am actively involved in sports and art, where I give indoor cycling classes as a fitness instructor, and recently discovered a hidden talent for abstract painting. I believe that such interests enrich my role at RSM, in terms of fostering creativity and reaffirming teamwork and my interpersonal skillset. Upon joining RSM, I was surprised by how RSM has a supportive culture that has driven me to thrive amongst my personal and professional interests, knowing that my individuality is not just accepted but appreciated and embraced.