What did you do before coming to RSM?  

Before I came to RSM, I worked in a theatre in Haarlem for 8 years. This theatre showed all kinds of different plays and art house movies. This place felt like my second home - my colleagues as family, but I needed a change. I studied tax law and it was time I became acquainted with the tax consultant/lawyer industry. Applying for a job at a Big 4 company didn’t suit me at that time. I was looking for a company which would not see me as a number, with a great culture and which would appreciate me for who I am. I was also looking for a place where I could grow and where people would see my potential.

What was your first impression of RSM?

At the time I joined RSM, I did not know a lot about it as an organisation. Beforehand I did some online research, found their core values online and noticed they are very keen on their culture. The tax world is mostly dominated by men. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many women worked at RSM. On Glassdoor I had read that many (former) employees loved the flat organisation culture and the informal approach. Those where the main reasons I came to work for RSM.

On my first day, everyone was keen to meet me, which made me feel very welcome. The informal culture definitely suited me. Also, the flat organisation culture is great and makes me feel like I am being heard. It is not only challenging work at RSM but it is also great fun. I was also pleasantly surprised about the size of the RSM network.

How have you grown your career at RSM?

My first role in RSM was as Tax Assistant. I was fulfilling this role during work on my master’s degree in Tax Law at the University of Amsterdam.

RSM gave me the perfect start as to begin as a tax consultant and showed me that I had potential. I was given the help I needed in order to optimise how I worked and guided me to become the tax consultant I am today. My line manager and team helped me to see the whole picture and taught me to always consider future deadlines and necessities. I’ve learned to see the bigger picture.

Outside of RSM, who are you?

I am a people person. I thrive on making connections and making them last. It drives me to give family, friends, colleagues and clients the feeling they can always rely on and trust me. For my friends and family, I am the person who is always there when they need help or advice. I am also keen on providing everyone with the exact information they seek or need. I’m also competitive and a perfectionist, which makes me the hardest critic for myself. This, however, results in me taking care of the whole picture in any case, as I hate forgetting anything which can be of importance.

What is the culture of RSM like?

At RSM, working is fun since my team is amazing. There is room for fun and jokes which is really important to me. The support and the assistance from colleagues is great and everyone makes sure they assist you whenever they can. RSM gives you all the support needed.

“The culture of RSM is a place where you can be yourself.”