Change is inevitable for any organisation, but for those engaged in public services, navigating change can be challenging. 

In our experience, effective change requires trusted partnerships built on integrity and understanding.  At RSM, we aspire to be your trusted partner, dedicated to helping you develop capability and deliver on your commitments.  

As a public sector leader, you face immense pressure to balance competing demands and deliver results. You are expected to develop policies, build sustainable capabilities, implement new systems, manage risks and comply with regulations, all while achieving positive outcomes for a host of stakeholders. 



Tim Ryan  

Director, Government Consulting


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At RSM, we understand these unique challenges and offer targeted solutions to support you in achieving policy reforms and transforming service delivery.  We help you take charge of change.  

Led by Tim Ryan who has over 20 years of experience across multiple portfolios, RSM’s government consulting team will help you plan for and design a secure business future, create the right conditions for success and deliver outcomes and benefits tailored to your stakeholders.

RSM's Government & Public Sector Consulting Services

Our government & public sector consulting services are tailored to suit your needs and include support for local government and councils. 

We understand the environment, culture, policies, and pressures that government leaders face, and we leverage our local and global networks to help leaders connect across all levels of government and the wider business community. We have organised our services into three core stages that support business transformation and improvement initiatives in the public sector.                

To succeed in any government initiative, it's crucial to co-design the future state and plan how to achieve it. This involves proactively engaging stakeholders to assess needs collaboratively, identify risks to be mitigated and define sustainable outcomes and benefits. This requires effective communication to align goals and needs and ensure the initiative is implemented efficiently. 

RSM offers:

  • Business case development
  • Transformation strategy development
  • Implementation planning
  • Sustainability advisory services
  • Risk advisory services
  • Organisation, solution and services design
  • Capability assessment and development

Executing your desired business outcomes and getting to where you need to be, must be well planned and managed. This includes establishing fit-for-purpose governance and reporting disciplines, tailored project approaches and provision of timely, accurate information to enable effective decision making; all within an agile, secure and accountable environment.

RSM offers:

  • Project / program planning and management
  • Transformation planning and management
  • Governance frameworks and reporting
  • Procurement, probity & contract management
  • Data and business analytics
  • Cyber security and resilience


Confirming the health of your enabling capabilities is critical to success. Doing this proactively and transparently is key. Reporting and acting on the outcomes of these checks and balances is fundamental.  

RSM offers:

  • Program and project assessments and health checks
  • PMO assessments and health checks
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Fraud and forensics

Effective knowledge transfer and building talent capability requires a true partnership approach founded on trust. Our team members are proactive, collaborative and responsive. They are specialists in their field with deep experience and a proven track record of delivering business and technology outcomes for government and private sector clients. Motivated by more than just getting the job done, they want to make a difference and understand that growing the capabilities of your team members is critical to achieving that objective. Our team also works closely with the Australian Government Consulting (AGC) Specialist Network, allowing experts to be seconded into project teams and bringing together relevant expertise from both the public and private sector to solve complex problems.

We actively encourage blended team approaches and welcome the opportunity for our specialist resources to work side by side with you and impart their knowledge along the way. This organic knowledge transfer is often augmented through the development of enduring artefacts and skills development sessions. We can also work with you to develop training on specific topics, tailored for your environment and use cases.

We have a range of tried and tested methods and frameworks, developed from best practice and years of experience. We use these as a basis for the work we do, tailoring them and their application for your unique requirements. Typically, the resultant artefacts remain with you and can be repurposed by you for future projects.

Where a project requires the development of use cases, requirements and processes, we undertake this work using a co-design approach, ensuring that your stakeholders have the opportunity to be actively involved. Again, the resultant artefacts remain with you and can be used as a basis for future iterations.

Our team members are qualified in a range of industry standard methodologies, such as Agile methods and Prosci.

Consulting services play a crucial role in improving efficiency and effectiveness in government operations. By leveraging our expertise and experience, our teams can provide valuable insights and recommendations that help identify risks, define sustainable outcomes, and mitigate potential obstacles. 

One way our consulting services contribute to efficiency is through effective communication. Consultants align goals and needs, ensuring everyone involved in an initiative understands the objectives and can work towards them cohesively. This collaboration leads to streamlined processes and minimizes wasted time and effort.

Additionally, our consultants offer services such as business case development, transformation strategy development, and implementation planning. These services help government organisations make informed decisions for the future.

The public sector can achieve maximum impact on service delivery and systems by focusing on several key factors. First, fostering collaboration among different government agencies and departments is crucial. By breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional cooperation, the public sector can streamline processes and eliminate duplicative efforts.

Secondly, investing in technology and digital transformation is essential. Embracing innovative solutions through automation, data analytics, and cloud computing can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of service delivery.

Furthermore, prioritizing citizen-centric approaches is vital. Understanding the needs and expectations of citizens allows the public sector to tailor its services accordingly. By gathering feedback and conducting regular surveys, the government can identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall user experience.

Another key factor is promoting transparency and accountability. The public sector should strive to provide clear information about its policies, processes, and decision-making. This not only fosters trust among citizens but also enables them to hold the government accountable for its actions.

Lastly, continuous learning and professional development are crucial for achieving maximum impact. Investing in training programs and staying updated on best practices allows public sector employees to acquire new skills and knowledge, enabling them to deliver more effective and efficient services and adapt to change.

Chris Perry

Government & public sector consulting services

Chris Perry is an Associate Director in the Canberra office of RSM Australia. 

Chris has worked within the Professional Services and Government spheres since 2000, actively working in a range of senior roles assisting organisations to deal with complexity and deliver outcomes. 

Peter Duncan

Government & public sector consulting services

Peter Duncan is a Senior Manager in the Canberra office of RSM Australia.

Peter has more than 15 years of advisory, transformation execution, and project experience. Peter helps organisations establish their strategic intent and translate it into reality to realise meaningful, positive change.

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