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Identifying opportunities and navigating challenges in healthcare

Health Services by RSM has brought together our full suite of services to ensure we identify emerging business opportunities and pre-empt challenges with the right solutions.

This year marks RSM Australia's 100th year of operation, having commenced in 1922. That is a lot of experience that has accumulated across our 32 locations nationally under a single partnership.       

In that time, we’ve worked with countless health sector practitioners, manufacturers, service providers and organisations. Our established Health Services group ensures that our industry experience benefits you.



 Jayesh Kapitan             
National Leader, Health Services
National Director, Hospitals

T: +61 3 9286 8000              
[email protected]

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We have been working with healthcare providers in Australia to achieve their financial, operational and strategic objectives for over 100 years.

We work closely with professionals in various health sectors, regularly consulting with industry panels to ensure that we are across the latest developments and opportunities.