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Government announces changes to 457 visa

19 April 2017
Temporary Employer Skilled Migration Programme – 457 visa to be replaced

Fringe Benefits Tax Spotlight

18 April 2017
Customer Loyalty Programs Do you provide employees with a business credit card associated with a customer loyalty program?  Are employees able to convert loyalty points accumulated in connection with the business credit card to rewards (e.g. goods, personal flights, holiday accommodation etc.)? 

Increase of the Small Business Entity Threshold to $10m

11 April 2017
The Government has announced that it will accept changes made by the Senate to the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill 2016. The Bill will likely be passed by the House of Representatives in the next parliamentary session.

Employee or Contractor - Busting the Myths

10 April 2017
“You will start work at 8:00AM Monday. I have all the tools you need here, and I will pay you $25 an hour until the job is done. And by the way can I please have your ABN.”

What are the top five tax deductions for rental properties?

7 April 2017
For the many people who own and rent out a residential investment property, here is a list of the top five tax deductions to ensure that you are maximising the tax benefits of investment property ownership. 1.  Depreciation and Capital Works 

Small business tax cuts pass Parliament, but no relief for larger corporates

3 April 2017
On Friday 31 March 2017, following an extended sitting of the Australian Senate, the Government achieved another political victory in the face of the brinksmanship which passes for the current Parliamentary process; a deal was struck with the Senate crossbench to pass a watered down version of the Government’s key economic policy initiative –the reduction of the c

Australia’s Diverted Profits Tax now a reality

28 March 2017
The Bill introducing Australia’s version of the Diverted Profits Tax (DPT) completed its passage through the Parliamentary process on Monday, 27 March 2017, and now awaits Royal Assent before becoming law.

Software Based R&D Claims – Uncertainties From ‘Agile Development’

21 March 2017
Recent examples of ‘agile development’ from the R&D Tax Incentive administrator have brought uncertainty to the start-up sector. Taxpayers must be more vigilant than ever in how Software R&D claims are prepared. What Is the R&D Tax Incentive?

Australia broadens the tax ‘resident’ test for foreign incorporated companies

20 March 2017
ATO gets a powerful new weapon, as Australia broadens the tax ‘resident’ test for foreign incorporated companies. ATO issues draft ruling on central management and control (CM&C) of foreign incorporated companies.

Bywater Case Study

20 March 2017
Bywater - the case in short