Welcome to Sustainability Matters – RSM’s new short video series that explores the latest and most pressing sustainability topics.

Join us as we delve into the world of sustainability, discussing the challenges and opportunities that businesses face in their pursuit of a more sustainable future. This series aims to provide valuable insights, practical advice and thought-provoking perspectives.  

Whether you're a seasoned sustainability professional or just starting to explore the subject, "Sustainability Matters" has something for everyone. So tune in, join the conversation and be part of shaping a better future.

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Nicole is a Principal within RSM with over 12 years’ experience, including experience in RSM’s US office in Los Angeles. 


Within ESG Consulting and Assurance services, Nicole is responsible for developing our capability and leading teams in conducting various ESG, climate change and sustainability related engagements. Most recently, she has been involved in undertaking climate change risk assessments and reviews which contribute to sustainability reporting, including aligning with best practice frameworks for both mandatory and voluntary reporting.

She is also RSM's National Sustainability Lead and plays a key role in driving RSM’s own sustainability agenda and developing initiatives to drive the adoption of sustainable practices and values across RSM.